Review number 12196631

We gave birth to a daughter on September 3 and we immediately diagnosed with Down's syndrome. Genetic analysis confirmed the classical form of the syndrome. Immediately ordered for her individual program of baby photo of her brother. During listening to the program the child began to suck and gained weight better, tone in the neck and back to normal, He began to raise his head lying on his stomach. At five seconds of listening first week held, on longer. skin turgor was noticeably better and the muscles in the calves and forearms become resilient. After two weeks of auditions were on reception at the pediatrician, neurologist- the negative impact of the syndrome is not found, except for external attributes acquired in the womb. She even suggested, that we have a mosaic type, instead of a classic, but the analysis showed that the classics… So I believe that it's all thanks to your program matrix, who listened to during the day almost during every sleep at night and put two or three times when I wake up to feed… two months have passed ka we listen to the program. Daughter develop as a normal child, according to the observations of doctors. A huge thanks to you!

04 November 2018