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We found a dog on the street in a very bad condition – Cancer seems to have in the last stage – there is an open tumor – type of cancer is not established. And a lot of tumors throughout the body – like sarcoma, but cytological analysis did, only X-rays. But the dog is so smart and really wants to live. It looks like it was thrown – it is very pedigreed German shepherd with a very good mentality but about 6-8 years old ... Dog listens to send a program every night, 7 months. During listening to the tumor significantly decreased, encapsulated. If listening to the voice of the program of the operation could not be, We had recently cut her tumor. healthy Dog, doctors do not understand how this could be, because no treatment other than listening to the program a dog does not pass, except vitamins, we are always adding to food.

11 November 2018