Review number 51976637

I wanted to ask you for an individual matrix. A year ago, you have already made my mum individual matrix, her arthritis. She listens so far. And she had a very good change. I noticed, that, when she began to listen to the matrix, I myself felt a change. It has energy, but, The most interesting, I went to a rejuvenation process. At first, not much. But soon, I still noticed it. This year, in January, February I had a very strong stress, which ended in a terrible allergy, rash over the whole body, generally, horror. The doctors have brought down all hormonal injections. But the effects of the drug after the deplorable. Then after injections, I immediately began to listen to the very matrix of his mother. Within hours of relaxation and feel the energy rise in the lumbar area. The next day I was listening to the matrix of the whole day at work. Energy and rapid recovery just six days. A low bow to Peter Garyaev his divine work!!!

14 March 2019