Review number 46 696

Exactly nine months as I started to listen to my individual program. My main problem was severe hair loss; it lasted a very long time. Hair no longer falls out! The loss stopped completely at about the sixth month of listening (I listen every night, during the day, there is simply not enough enough time, program lasts 1 hour 20 minutes). Now I hope, that the bulbs will start to recover and the volume will increase. But don't be afraid to wash or comb your hair, it's just a magical feeling! Before, I was afraid of this since the comb was a lot of hair and now 5,10… Many Thanks for this!
As for the rejuvenation of the whole organism, I can say that I do not feel the process in the other direction, since I do not know at what stage my organs are, but I feel and look good. Herpes has been appeared on the lips since the beginning of the listening for another half a year, but not that much, as before (there were 5-7 large bubbles and now after listening just 1-2 small ones). Haven't had herpes in the last 3 months.

December 21, 2018