Review number 46 696

Exactly nine months as a start to listen to their individual program. My main problem was severe hair loss for a very long time. Hair no longer fall! Loss completely stopped listening to around the sixth month (I listen every night, day just physically do not have time, program lasts 1 hour 20 minutes.). Now I hope, that the bulbs will start to recover and the volume will increase. But do not be afraid to wash or comb your hair, it's just a magical feeling! Before, I was afraid of this since the comb was a lot of hair and now 5,10… Gratitude for this!
About the rejuvenation of the whole body, I can say that the process in the other direction, I do not feel, because at any stage of my organs, I do not know, but I feel and look good. Herpes inflamed lips to start listening more half a year, but not in the volume, as before (were 5-7 large bubbles and listening 1-2 small). The last three months of herpes was not.

21 December 2018