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I am 60 years old, in the specialty obstetrician-gynecologist. Medical experience 38y.o.. First learned about the technology of Professor PP Goryaeva. by his son, doctor, too. My inheritance is burdened with the following diseases: diabetes mellitus, essential hypertension, ischemic stroke. I use creams every day for over a month: I put on face wrinkles, the skin of the occipital area and neck to improve blood circulation of the neck and head vessels. I have a long-term injury: torn ligaments both knees, cracked kneecaps, gap left ankle ligaments. After daily use creams at night, I have been in pain and lameness when walking and climbing stairs, swelling of feet disappeared and pain.
Like many women my age, there are problems on the part of the urogenital area: vulvitis, postpartum hemorrhoids. Now, thanks creams, these diseases have been. In view of the, cream that data restore smooth muscle cells of the whole organism, as an obstetrician-gynecologist with years of experience, I recommend these unique products to all women of any age: from 0 to old age, especially in the postnatal period for healing wounds postnatal, to restore the muscles of the perineum, incontinence, involuntary discharge of stool and gas , when the vaginal wall prolapse and uterine prolapse in women. This unique tool must be used parous women to restore the muscles of the perineum, to improve the quality of sexual function and improve the quality of sexual life of couples.
Very grateful to all the teachings of the team of Professor PP Goryaeva . With best wishes for further discoveries.

23 March 2019