Review number 319146637

In July 2014, we sent a matrix for the normalization of the genetic apparatus of our son. The recording was made with the pictures of our healthy daughter. Our son with Down syndrome listens matrix 3 months, constantly during the day. From the first week of auditions, we noticed a change in the child's behaviour. He became more sociable, more active, comply with the request (turn off the light, go to the Pope, collect toys, etc.), become more capable at the household level: started undress, the eat. Improved perception of information in the classroom (can correctly display the answers to the questions) . Pronounces the syllables, trying to repeat the words, at the request of the, tell: MOM, Dad, Baba, the grandfather, Lyalya, AI-AI; before flatly refused to repeat. Become more consciously play with eldest daughter, was her explanation and accepts the rules of the game. Continue to listen to the matrix.
Thank you very much for your help!
Best regards, Irina.

17 November 2014