Review number 37971416

Listen to your programs-matrix three months every day, twice a day, the truth is almost always both times at the end of the day, Since the day I'm at work. Now on the results. Remind your primary diagnosis – chronic pancreatitis. Almost from the very beginning listening clearly increased, and more precisely corresponded to a, the amount of urination. This problem appeared I have about 2-3 years ago, against the background of the prolonged use of the pill and you I have not reported, Nevertheless, a positive result after hearing manifested. But the most unpleasant, I would even say, a terrible symptom I had was the emergence of “musty” burp after a meal, After a few hours invariably appeared stall Chair, severe pain in the area of the pancreas, sometimes lasted several days, without releasing any day, or night. This eventually led to my reference to you. I am pleased to inform you, that ever since I listen to the matrix program I had no such breakdown. Not taken meals. In addition, for over ten years I have had an intolerance to potatoes, and though fried, at least boiled, after which, always appeared flatulence. However, recently I ate fried potatoes several times and found the earlier symptoms. Also, since the beginning of listening has increased the weight of about 4-5 kg., Oh and your appetite naturally.
I am very grateful to you for your help and hope for further improvement of their condition due to your programs.

Chelyabinsk region.
18 January 2015