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Hello. I began to listen to the Matrix 29.04.2014. On the first day of the – five times, and from the second day I went to 10 times, sometimes accompanied by energy from the environment, by using the up-facing Palms, to facilitate the activity of energy forces of the body. After five days of use of the program, there was some concern about the hernia, accompanied by mild heat and lower hernia.
May 12, 2014, I wrote in my diary: “today, After two weeks of listening to the matrix, one of my two old hernia (hernia) has decreased in size,and the other, which has a magnitude of about 2 cm, completely no longer exists. This means, I will soon be able to return to a normal life. This is for traditional medicine miracle!!! Is it just impossible to explain and is only part of the grace, that gave me the Matrix.” Can you imagine my excitement, When all of what I read in the works of Garâeva, suddenly it became possible with my own body!!! Administration of information on the State of the DNA, which was taken from my photos where I only the year of birth!!!).
In parallel with this, “skripota” in her lap was completely gone, that I used to give great discomfort when walking. Bezymânyj finger and the middle finger on his right hand were iskrivlenny, as a consequence of a fall of about 10 years – 12 ago, and after the surgical correction of joints, both wrists are slightly swollen. Now there is no more swelling and thickening of the fingers down.
25.05.2014 g. large hernia is reduced by 1 cm. 26. 05. 2014 was a feeling, that hernia “rises in its place”. 27.05.2014. did the first strong physical effort (without lifting weights) with arm movements during the 40 min. No signs of a hernia.
Almost five months have passed, and now I am in deep in-phase “rejuvenation”. The results are excellent: from the almost completely gray hair, slowly begin to grow black hair, eyebrows, that used to be quite white and steep, significantly darken and become soft, again are the old mekoću, the skin throughout the body becomes soft, smooth, without the use of any additional funds. Rough skin on the heels and elbows completely missing, as well as the so-called “ivory leather” kneeling is gone. Joints, especially my knees, become fully flexible, body movement acquired the softness and lightness. In addition to physically visible signs, It is important to note the return of mental function at normal capacity,that to me is very important, because I am multilingual translations, write articles about the development of modern technologies in the field of physics. Thus, although I will soon be in '73,I've lost the feeling of old age and infirmity! The only question, where can I find a huge amount of thanks to academician Garâevu and his team?
THANKS! I wish and hope, the Academician Gariaev will receive the Nobel Prize, because the, what he does for Science worthy of the highest recognitions of mankind.

Zagreb, Croatia
10 November 2014