Reviewed by Konstantin Kostornov

Hello. My name is Constantin Kostornov. My story is: 7 years ago, July 8, 2005 received a compression fracture of the C7, broke the seventh cervical vertebra. Since I live in a wheelchair. Randomly on television saw the transfer of "the theory of improbabilities" of the origin of life, the Academician Garâev talked about Petr Petrovich wave genetics. "Tried on" it's all over, and thought: Why not try? Found on the Internet all the information, "to the last letter" shoveled the whole website and sent an email outlining your position. Came the reply May 27 - "you can try", that's so, two words ... To tell the truth, had doubts about the, climbed on the site reviews and eye caught the story Hope Ustinova, posted by s with the same outlining its position. June 12, 2012 the answer was the same, "you can try"., but with an explanation and suggestions. Since then, and menâNadežda Ustinova Vasylivna. June 15, 2012 Nadine sent first universal program. In the beginning there was fear and doubt, to listen to or not? Venture ... To listen never similar sensations experienced: There was warmth in her legs and goose bumps, spasticity is gone,3 chasa lay completely at rest, in view of the, that has always been present spasticity in more or less. Was very surprised. July 5, 2012 was sent to the program, read with my children's photography. The feeling of not being passed, I began to feel the position of the feet, then when I can't see them. It's the feeling that they are my, not as much as before, like with me, but as foreign. July 8, 2012 Nadine spent with me eniokorrektsiyu. This brought me to myself. Went away hurt and has a positive attitude , gone depression. There was a sense that I forgot everything bad. July 17 in the morning woke up and surprised her positive mood, There was no spasticity, No worries, the only thing that, that really wanted to sleep. When listening to the program, read record from my photo there is heat in the feet and the presence of minor agility, spastic slowly, but goes away. Improved general condition. November 22, 2012, after 4,5 months after the start of treatment by linguistics- the wave genetics has the following changes. Recover the regeneration of the skin and soft tissues, a month ago received sunburn skin legs. Burns have healed very quickly. Were bed sores on the sacrum. Currently, there are no more wounds. Feel the heat and cold, pain, touch. Whole body feel as a whole. Now I'm sure, that will walk! November 15, 2012 was at a reception at the neurosurgeon, He was very surprised by my success in restoring the functions of my spinal cord. He said racing in tissue repair of the spinal cord in it kontuzionnym fire stations. My injured spinal cord regeneration is slow, but sure. Since the trauma took seven and a half years, and up to July 2012, prior to the start of treatment I have changed nothing. It is my understanding,that the more time elapsed since an illness or injury, the longer it takes to recover all it functions. I, Kostornov Konstantin Ivanovich, I am responsible for every written word. Thank you Guiseppe scientist academician Pyotr Petrovich Garâevu and Dr. Ustinova Hoping Vasilyevna.
Kostornov Konstantin, 29 years.

28 November 2012