Family Review Cherkasova

Hello, writes you a mother Evseâ Charkasava, Tatyana Cherkasova. In winter 2011, I met Dr. Ustinov Hope. March 26, 2012. Academician Petr Petrovich Garâevym was made audible information programme for the normalization of the genetic apparatus of our son Evseâ Charkasava. P.p. Gariaev believed information with pictures of healthy our son George, where he was 1 month. Our son Evsey, the abbreviated name of the Seva listen to them every day some times. About us: me ,Tatiana Cherkasova, 37 years, My husband Vitaly - 34 years. We have three sons: Leonid - 16 years, George - 8 years, Yevsei - 2 years 4 months. Evsyusha born with Down syndrome in 2007. During pregnancy, I am constantly thinking and not once progovarivala: "Whatever my future baby-he's my, I love him ". Deliveries were wonderful. We showed the baby sun August 11, 2007. In a month we went to the reception at the genetic Centre, where Evsûši took the blood karyotype. A week later, we called and announced the diagnosis. Shock, Of course, scary, and, most important, the abyss of obscurity. What is this? That will be? Now I do not believe the incident grief. At first I asked myself all the time: for what and why we? Now I ask myself: for what? I had to understand and make in this life for yourself, husband, children? Once with my mom the same boy (with Down syndrome) We walked along the street of the city and saw the, woman, that was a boy in a wheelchair with cerebral palsy. Look At Each Other. Katyusha (the mother of a boy with down's syndrome) said: "What a joy, My son is only down syndrome. He may laugh, run around, sing and dance ... ". Now the Evsejke two years and four months. At 4 months he started epilepsy, but we've coped with attacks and began to develop. With the birth of Evsûši lives unfolded to us more, What was it. We love it and are very keen to, that he grew up an independent, healthy. Now the week listening programs. Over the past week we have every day from 2 to 6 times a day included Seva Program. What I noticed in the changes at Seva: 1.C first time, Finally, has to respond to the name. Before listening had 5-8 times to refer to it and do not always produce results. 2.Nachal take the first time for manipulating objects (cubes, toys). 3.Vypolnyaet simple request (Come here, take, sit down to eat.). 4.Uvelichilsya flow lepetnyh syllables (GA-GA, MOM, Dudu, and so on). To listen he rarely used them, and now her mouth almost is not closed, all the time something lopočet. 5.Aktivnee expresses its protest and joy to the actions proposed by the parents. Even the syllables "ne", "di" drink more often. Here Is The!!!! Continue to listen to. Спасибо.
With respect and gratitude the hope Ustinova and P. P. Garâevu, Family Čerkasovyh.

08 September 2012