Review number 769625

I am writing a review on the new matrix, that you sent.. Regularly use them for more than six months, taking breaks in 2-3 weeks. During the course of auditions State qualitatively changes, feel cheerful, young. Body, Can you believe it, becomes easier. I watched the weight, so here is the – weight practically does not change, While feeling is! I do not know, How does this relate, but this is the “children's interest” to the entire, I look at the world through the eyes of a child, that the world learns! Also, While listening to the, became a oversee their cells ,and, really, see the eye and body impact vibration of a sound file on it, until the change of the structure of tissues and cells themselves. Sensations, that you feel in this moment, not pass words! In General, This set of matrices has turned out more successful, gone are the headaches, monthly now painless, changing the cycle, and indirect signs – hormonal background. Analyses not leased, to check and fix the documented, but, Perhaps it will be useful to you too.

p. Nizhny Kuranakh
20 January 2018