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Biolokacionnogo test results after completing the course in Capsule Garjaeva (12 visits)
Up To- Chronic cholecystitis pancreat-vjalotekushhego flow (signs of j. bend duct); proctosigmoiditis amid intestinal dysbacteriosis; hemorrhoids.
After- Positive dynamics in KDP status, the colon and rectum, improving the State of the bile ducts of the liver.
The respiratory system and skin:
Up To- Chronic allergic Tracheobronchitis without exacerbation; pneumosclerosis (more to the right).
After- Positive dynamics in the condition of the bronchi; pneumosclerosis.
Cardio-vascular and nervous system:
Up To- Atherosclerosis; nerve cell circulation dystonia of mixed type; left ventricular myocardial hypertrophy with mitral insufficiency; right ventricular overload; violation of conductivity (by type of embargo PNPG); vertebro-baziliarnaya deficiency on the background of cervical hondroza; ischemia of left brain gemisfery; venous insufficiency; cerebral venous drainage; intracranial hypertension.
After- A significant positive changes in the status of coronary and cerebral blood flow; preserved heart provodimlsti; WB insufficiency and moderate violations of venous drainage.
The endocrine system:
Up To- Autoimmune tireoidits uzloobrazovaniem; parathyroid and adrenal hypertrophy (more right).
After- Positive dynamics in the condition of the thyroid and parathyroid glands.
Urogenital system:
Up To- Ptosis and right kidney cyst; Stone; chronic zistopielit; vaginal dysbiosis (possible presence of cervical erosion); adhesive processes in the field of the right appendage; hypertrophy of the inguinal lymph nodes.
After- Improvement of gynaecology (but retained signs of cervical erosion), and the kidneys, and urinary tract infections (Although signs of kistoza right kidney saved).
Musculoskeletal System:
Up To- Deformation of the spine; cervico-thoracic and lumbar-lumbar hondrodisplazija with radicular syndrome (Perhaps the presence of intervertebral hernias); osteopenia; mixed (toxic-allergic and Exchange) aotropatija.
After– Against the backdrop of improving calzievogo Exchange positive dynamics is observed in the condition of the spine and joints.

15 February 2018