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Hello. I contacted you for an individual matrix in 2016. For a long time I was going to write about the action of the program. And three years later I decided to do it!
Go through the patient questionnaire, filled out. We had a case, I guess, it will be easier to structure everything.
The main diagnosis: HIV. During this time, the viral load decreased. At the beginning of the listening of the program was about 1 million, currently 500,000. Unfortunately, I can not prove documented. Only rely on the words of the doctor immunologist. And we did not have the dialogue, as such. At the time of arrival, at the reception, a card is scrolled and a monologue begins about, that viral load is large, that immunity gradually, but falls ... you need to take pills and stuff ... that with the immunity of the body will not be able to resist any disease ... well everything like that.. in the frightening manner. But I feel much better!
Nosebleeds ended. nose breathing. Improved well-being. Platelets 221 units. In the attached file (PHOTO №1) blood test result. That surprised everyone! They say, that this cannot be ... but it is there!!!!!!!!!
Then the internal organs (I am attaching an ultrasound - PHOTO 2,3,4) everything is OK as well. Diffuse changes in pancreatic perenchema have gone. The only thing, that worries me a little, it gallstones.
Also at that time there were some strange formations in the lungs(Photo №5) Everywhere examined. And did not fins a specialist, who would diagnose. Several options were proposed ... I passed from the oncologist, to a phthisiatrician. And ... maybe this ... or maybe that .... a lot of nerves ... an operation was proposed, in order to take a sample of tissue, to find out, it's all the same ... This is an experiment, let's ..., we’ll cut it .. we’ll cut out a part ... and it will already be visible there ... it’s within reach of disability((((( And in fact, at the moment, the lungs are clean... surveyed... I attach a photo with a description.. there is also fluorography. Photo №6
Next, there is no such fatigue in the eyes. If earlier it was difficult to look at a bright light, there was something like dark shadows floating in my eyes... destruction of the vitreous body due to myopia. Now, there are small dark spots ... but no great discomfort. When I had my eyes checked (a couple of years ago) the doctor said, what there is an initial cataract. I haven't examined my eyes at the moment... so I can't write anything backed up by papers on this point.
I am very grateful to you and Pyotr Petrovich for the program. Your work helped me a lot and helps. At first, I was expecting quick results ... listened to once a day. A month later, the result was not ... after 2, 3 too ... honestly upset for a while. Then I gathered myself, prayed to God, asked me to open a green corridor ... and just began to listen at night. I went to bed and the program played all night ... let go of the situation ... stopped thinking .. and everything somehow began to improve by itself ...
I used to often suffer from headaches ... I can’t say, that my head doesn't hurt... It happens, but rarely ... mainly occipital part. I still associate it with otitis, which was 2 years ago.. Right now, of course, the ears are like the "apple of the eye"... But sometimes suspiciousness takes over and seems to, that all finished)... The doctors of the AIDS Center are adding fuel to the fire... I don't want to list everything, what they say .. but they are filling me with fear ...
Summarizing all of the above, I think the result of clear and it's huge: viral load decreased twice, blood is good (platelets), lungs are clear, head is clear .
There are moments, that cause me concern: the gallstones worry me?.. how to deal with them? I don't want to be operated on...

0April 5, 2019