Review number 2349731

I express my great gratitude to Peter Petrovich and his colleagues for creating matrices for listening, for the treatment of diseases of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Listen to a little more than a year matrix. During the first months of listening noted for yourself a good night's sleep, normalize heartbeats, appeared in good spirits the body. Since listening to matrix was ill with the flu only once.
Grippuû as all the normal healthy people. And I have prolonged cough with phlegm for a whole month as before, and do not have additional drink antibiotics. Pain in the pelvic bones worries rarely, but there is still. The temperature in the evening no sweat at night too disappeared. The weather sometimes head aches, but not always. The most important result for me turned out to be a refusal to plakvenila. Prednisone periods Pugh, but 1 tablet and rarely. And formerly cheeks from him as the hamster, Yes and the weight was excess due to fluid retention. The kidneys work properly. Noticed, that the State of health depends a lot more on weather. When listening to, feel how vibrating brains and even read at this point, it is difficult to – starts then heart pleasure Matrix am at night. But the best effect of listening from 6 to 8 am. This is what helped me to virtually abandon prednisolone. Tried to throw him sharply to drink, but it was only worse. Began to listen to yourself, When could, missed a pill on the day, then 2 days. And here is the throttle on četvertinkam gave me nothing. I wish all, who read my review of the main- corporal and spiritual health.

Vladimirskaya oblast '
25 June 2015