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Dear Petr Petrovich! We have ordered from you "sounds of DNA" for grandson, who was born 800 gram and not breathing on their own. Feeding oxygen through a mask large contused eye retina (retinopathy) and he did not see from birth. Moreover, later, there were signs of autism ... (Fortunately, one of these signs is an amazing, verbatim memory at all, perfect ear for music). But! Inability to communicate with other children, lack of concentration, aggression, uncontrollable excitement).
You sent us "sounds of DNA", the photo of his mother, when she was two years old November 26, 2012. I recorded a voice recorder to your sounds, continuous 30 min, and he listens to them via the player. Set in the early hours of the morning, While he is sleeping, and during daytime sleep. Now he listens to HIMSELF, 3 times a day, be sure to (for half an hour). 2 times in the car on the way to school, and at bedtime. He likes these sounds.
I would like to share with you the SUCCESSES!
In the same, 2012 grandson went to the first class. At the end of November was the relocation of it on home schooling (able to talk during class, got up and walked to class, fought). Left suspended until the new year ...
And now it WILL NOT READ!
After 2 months of listening to the grandson of the program at the school set 5 plus math! Such marks are an extreme rarity, in my opinion. Personally I have not seen even once in my life.
He learned to play even with the girls in their quiet role playing (He dad, or teacher, or son). Here the key word "long" and "calm". The boys also develops contacts, Judging by the bruises and scratches at it. But parents of children it claims no.
And about the study I mentioned to ...
All oral, and so he had the "brilliant" (These are the words of a selection Committee, We were in front of the school). But to write Braille, then read this little fingers, and take it-it was a huge problem, because he was unable to retain the attention more, than a minute ... Are the signs of autism, he expanded his world, There were concentration and perseverance, already there is no speech about home education. Thanks to pâtërkam for reading, writing and mathematics, He began to receive praise and even more ...
Despite the lack of, He learned how to play electronic games on the touch phone. And even WINS!
It took 2.5 years, as it listens for sounds, grandson is now 10 years old, He was brought to the country for the first time, and then he asked me, "can you explain to me, Why can't I see my eyes?».
We discussed with him all, I told him about the alternative vision, and he consciously decided to do. Traditionally, We enlisted the help of a doctor in St. Petersburg. I asked the doctors to "Watch", What happens during DNA sounds sound with her grandson, and whether to continue to listen to them. Dr: "Amazingly, But first the sound affects the cerebellum, then in the peripheral part of the brain. Wich touches and eye area, but very little. Strongly recommend to listen to. He (brain) is very much ". I tell him, the grandson of the lag time in processing information. For Example, He long believed in math. (Already seen by psychologists, that autistics "information slow metabolism»). Dr: "I told, turn on the cerebellum, and then the affected peripheral areas of the brain. Listen to these sounds. They really provoke reflex communications.. ".
Dear Petr Petrovich, think, that should offer your "DNA" Sounds in Brasilia. And this is now a huge problem all over the world. According to statistics, Americans have born 1 on 88 autistic children. And they predict, that in 15 years will be born with autism every second!
Thank you Very Much, for your work, for your creativity! We wish you success, insights, the joy of everything happening around.

31 May 2015