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My name is Erdem. Since 2008 he has been ill with diabetes.. Prior to that,, I don't know from what year, atherosclerosis has begun, bad blood vessels. Over the years, health has deteriorated and deteriorated.. Sensitivity in the lower extremities became less and less. Sometime in the spring of 2020, vision in both eyes deteriorated sharply., recognized cataract, was going to go to surgery to replace the lenses. In February 2021, he rubbed a corn on the 3rd finger of his left foot., gangrene has begun. First, one finger was cut off., then the gangrene went to 2 other fingers (4 and 5 fingers), as well as part of the foot. Lay down for finger removal surgery. At the time, I was overcome with despair., will my left leg be cut off?. Lying in the hospital, before surgery, I saw on the YouTube channel a video about Garyaev P.P.. On July 17, 2021, P.P. Garyaev was contacted by e-mail.. I was advised to contact Leonid Leonidovich. He advised me to be treated with ZHKM and KIC-3.
On July 26, 2021, ZHKM and KIC-3 came to me. In the future, constantly, everyday, used LCD and CFC- 3. I was slowly in the process of recovery., gangrene stopped, the wound began to heal. In October 2021, gangrene on the 2nd finger began again.. I started to worry., that it doesn't work, but I was reassured by Leonid Leonidovich, It's going to be all right, main – patience. In November, 2 fingers were removed, but I didn't worry much anymore., Knew, that all will be well. And that's what happened.. It's September 2022. I've got everything healed.. Simultaneously, in November 2021, Leonid Leonidovich advised to purchase a Garyaev modulator with Mishin coils, purchased almost immediately. Ekaterina Aleksandrovna and Leonid Leonidovich made a good discount, Installments. Now I listen to matrices every day., alternate in 2 months, Body Cleansing and Immunity Programs, I apply coils to different parts of the body. Slowly there is sensitivity in the feet, numbness goes away. The blood became less thick. At the same time, he performed an operation to replace the lenses in both eyes at the Fedorov MNTK in Irkutsk. Now the eyesight is good.
I want to express my deep gratitude to the entire team of Garyaev Petr Petrovich for the invaluable work in improving people's health..

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17 September 2022