Review No 6b6a2в7а1в7б31а

My mother and I listen to individual matrices for six months.. They turned mainly about the condition of the liver (hepatitis B has been transferred) and thyroid glands – autoimmune thyroiditis, nodular neoplasm and hypothyroidism. I have to say, that no additional medications, including hormones we did not take, except for specially selected vitamins and minerals and of course diet. In the first 2-3 months of listening, there were periodic exacerbations - this is on the liver.. There were also dizziness., and nausea, and vomiting... But gradually, all this came to naught., and now I can even eat something fried.. Recently examined: in general, the analyzes have improved significantly, and some indicators are generally completely normal.. I didn't even expect such a result., Honestly.
On the thyroid gland (my mom's problem) there are also very positive results. First, the person became less irritable., better mood and more strength. Secondly, slightly reduced knot. Well, a recent survey revealed, that thyroiditis indicators have indeed decreased very much, which obviously affected the state of health. The attending physician was very perplexed., after all, it was never about improvement – just so that it didn't get any worse., somehow.
So matrices, as it turned out, effective tool, which helps there, where conventional medicine gives up. I'm glad, that I came across information on this topic in time and have the opportunity to use this method of healing. After all, in fact,, the whole body is gradually rebuilt in the direction of health - it is felt: more forces and accordingly different, more extensive plans for life. I am very grateful to the entire staff of the Institute and wish them, that their activities would develop and be more and more successful and prosperous!

24 September 2022