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My name is Radoslav, 52 goda.Ya I live in Belgrade (Serbia). Recently, in a dream, I had a stroke. On the morning of April 13, 2019 I could not get out of bed, my left arm and left leg did not function, I just did not feel their, almost could not speak, I felt fear, I was feeling bad. On the same day I was admitted to hospital on the department for inpatients, I could not move, I could not walk, so my arms have brought to the hospital. After the inspection the expert found, that my blood vessels are in a catastrophic state as though I'm 75 years old (it is the doctor's words). Blood vessels on the right side of the neck were completely clogged.
Weather Doctor: 10-15 days in the hospital and immediately from the hospital to a rehabilitation center. The doctors explained to me, serious illness that, recovery is long and I need to be patient.
To my happiness, my family was fast and immediately call your office, Centre “Molecule” (g.Zagreb, Croatia), to ask for help.
On 14 April 14:00, I started to use the device Mishina-Garyaev to the matrix via phone, using headphones, and at 19 pm the same day I posted a video of his family- I was able to walk normally! I cried from happiness! I could not believe it, but good, I had doctor-witnesses! Proof of this is my patient's medical card. Already on the 6th day I was discharged from the hospital, prescribed therapy, and nothing more is not appointed. No rehabilitation center! I am very grateful to you and your representatives from the center “Molecule” in Zagreb, all specialists, which are a great humanist and always ready to help. Dear Dr. Elena! Your words, that Matritsu should listen, regardless of clinical treatment, I have proof of my recovery. I just do not know how to thank you enough! You saved my life! My gratitude to you is this letter, and I want, these words of thanks read by thousands of people, who need your help. respected people, talk about new technologies, of matrices, about academician Peter Garyave and his amazing talent, share your experiences with others, that now and I'm doing. I hope, that my experience will help others. Take care of your health and not wait, that with you something happens. Think in advance about themselves and their loved ones ! Hello everyone and thank you very much!

Serbia, Belgrade
26 May 2019