Review number 2419663731

It took 6 months from the date of receipt of the individual program matrix. I want to write to you about the results of its application. The Effect Of, to my great surprise, I felt almost immediately. On the third day I disappeared cough with muco-purulent sputum (about 2 weeks before that it was worsening xp. bronchitis). Moreover, cough disappeared completely from the word and it is not until now. There was a feeling of "internal health", as a young man. So good, I did not feel 30 years. Disappeared completely cardiac arrhythmias. Even began to forget to take antiarrhythmic drugs and the rhythm in these moments are not disturbed, which was not previously. However, against the background of well-being began to appear symptoms of diseases previously carried me. As if at a high speed reel of film is rewound back. Symptoms appear suddenly, It lasts from several tens of minutes to several hours and ends abruptly. Because, borne diseases that I had a very vivid and varied clinical picture, me, doctor, mix them with something else is difficult. Moreover, I calculated that the "unwinding back" goes at a speed of 1 year 6 days a little, and I can quite accurately "predict" that I will be on certain days. And I never made a mistake. How to explain it, I do not know, but it seems, I am not mistaken. And further, I began to disappear gray.
Now about parents. They listen to the matrix 4 months. At the beginning of his father. I turn to him the universal matrix №9. Taking into account the state of heavy, in which it was, we can say that there was a marked improvement. He regained consciousness (before most of the time he short excitation periods alternated state, close to stupor). Since it became possible productive contacts. He learns of others, quite clearly says, answers questions in short sentences, he asks questions or requests voiced. improved appetite. For them it is much easier to care. And besides, he also began to darken the hair on his mustache and beard.
Mom listens to individual matrix. To say in this case, that the effect is pronounced, I cant. But, anyway, he is. The point is, that of about 1,5 months until it began to bother matrix intense headaches, especially at night. Neurologist anything distinct about it said. Prescribed treatment - no effect. After 4-5 days after you start listening matrix headaches began to decrease in intensity and frequency, and 10 days later it disappeared altogether. She completely refused painkillers. Moreover, more than 50 years she had suffered "a primary deforming polyosteoarthrosis", according to the old classification. Constantly taking NSAIDs, daily made the joint exercises. Without it, she could not walk because of the pain in the joints and spine. So here, after you start listening matrix, 2 months gymnastics and she abandoned medicine to take occasional, with a change of weather, in "homeopathic" doses ", dividing the tablet into 4-5 pieces. The Effect Of, in my opinion, greater psychological. In respect of - says, it is better to see did not. rumor also, with her words, does not improve. But, anyway, He begged us to talk to her more quietly. So it seems to me, hearing that she still is recovering. Understand, that time has passed more little. We will see, what will happen next.

14 March 2020