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In continuation of the conversation about my testing your cream on the body after the Hijama procedure and the healing of notch marks from incisions after a wellness event. The effect of rapid healing is obvious!
The effect of "live communication of cells in open-bare places after incisions - a pleasant tickling and an increase in body temperature. I did not measured,to tell the truth, just a contrast- a sharp sensation in the body of cold and then heat, and this at an air temperature of +26 degrees. The skin accepts the cream with joy and evens out the structure and color..
Considering, that I live in the Muslim Republic of Bashkortostan, near Tatarstan. The main population – Muslims, that acquaintance with this culture led me to the test of the Hijama procedure(bloodletting).
“Every Muslim should use hijama for his health and use kist to get rid of various physical and (Not only! ) ailments."- this is the slogan and call for the most economical and effective process of launching cellular healing and rejuvenation. They do it on the head- for pressure regulation, restoration of vision , memory and so on.
Women use this procedure on the entire surface of the face.- in order to renew the skin and increase the turgor of the skin.
After the procedure, numerous incisions remain on the body., through which capillary non-working blood, comes out. Since the cream during this procedure is very helpful, now I started to offer specialists who carries out the hijama to the population , to get acquainted with your creams.

Republic of Bashkortostan
17 July 2019