All want to quickly become young. But do not forget, the process of rejuvenation, running us: programmes of the spectra of the placenta, the cord blood of newborns and children's photo,
Although this phenomenon is not linear, and there are exceptions ...
So, we had three patients 60 and 70 years. They returned the menstrual cycle after a year of use-matrices by their children's photo. A month is a clear marker for the young State of the organism.

Another important point: I often write, eg - "I am listening for 10 days, and there is no effect. ». Answer. Our methods are not the magic wand magic wand and not apples from children's fairy tales-waved, ate and order. Was young and beautiful. No, This long work with faith and positive attitude. Lying on the couch, nothing will. Quick positive effects are. Rare, but there are also. In extreme conditions of patients. In the final stages of cancer 4th degree. Or a hemorrhage in the brain, coupled with paralysis.

Our research and practice of the application of the principles of Lingvistiko-wave Genetics are in line with the priority work of molecular biology and genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences. See. video:

Meeting of the Council for science and education, 20.12.2013.

Moreover, our results in this area substantially ahead of all the, that is received in the "classical" Genetics so far. No one in the world is not yet able to program stem cells, Since the methods used are based on an understanding of genes as a purely physical structures. And this is the error. Genes can function at a level of physical fields, as the quantum equivalent of ourselves. It predicted at the beginning of the last century our scientist A.g. Gurvich. We have confirmed this hypothesis and use wave genes in practice, treatment, inhibition of aging and rejuvenate people.

All matrices are unique because you are individual order.

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