Tissue necrosis

Skin necrosis of soft tissue is a small list of what – extra slows and then eliminates Linguistics wave genetics – nekroznye sites, nejrotroficheskaja ulcer, pathological development of pathogenic microorganisms, eating disorders of skin atrophy of critical development and neurologic manifestations of necrosis on the larger body.

Treatment of necrosis

With the advent of – ZhKIM not irresolvable becomes treatment of necrosis and rid the patient of the plot is not surgically, overlaying a compress and ointments against gangrene, fresh wound or decomposition cells after limb amputation, wound wet, dry, etc.. The first is the tool stops the disease and in the second phase of regeneration of the affected area.

Wave genetics uses body surface restoration, liquid and fat Wednesday. Cultivated for human, enriched micro macro, programmirovana quantum by, introduced equivalents on the removal of necrotic disease, first felt the beneficial effects of the drug, pets.

Liquid halts decomposition, used as a compress twice a day, at night and in the morning. The drug is, recording genetic information programming functions, as intracellular transmitter eliminates metabolic organs, method of holographic display material structures, modulation object information donor to a recipient object. Theoretically, different approach in addressing Necrotizing fasciita.

Ointment when used in conjunction with gangrene liquid Wednesday, the hydrophilic – fat base with antimicrobial agent of natural origin are used alternately, differ in color and composition are in themselves relevant quantum natural mechanisms, inherent in healthy condition, ointment works on regeneration of the affected vegetation and cosmetic facial care. Genetically the product activates fibroblast cells wrapper around, nourish the dermal layer oxygen, increases collagen and elastin synthesis, reduces the aggressive effects of free radicals, Restores energy balance.

Technology without drugs. In cases of tissue necrosis using biological materials with colleagues cosmetologists, the products are manufactured under license from Biokvant, is safe in handling, for external use.

With suspected ischemia, to visit the doctor. The problem remains, verdict amputation – disagree with this proposal, then there is a window of opportunity for solving the problem, How to save a part of the body using the liquid information matrix, PV method. Garyaev.