DNA and water waves

This is the second fundamental work, underpinning our research. She experimentally proves, that wave remote broadcast of the DNA in the form of its quantum equivalent (Phantom) It is possible to. This confirms our, prior to this study, the results
(see. for example, Garyaev P., 2004, Lingvistiko-wave gene. Theory and practice. Моногр. Kiev. 220s.)

Abstract. Detected, that some DNA sequences of bacteria and viruses cause low-frequency electromagnetic waves in fluids, containing a large amount of water. This phenomenon, as it turned out, is due to external electromagnetic background of very low frequency. We will discuss this phenomenon in the context of quantum field theory. Proposed scheme, the disclosure of the research results. A well-known phenomenon can develop a highly sensitive detection system of chronic bacterial and viral infections.

1. Introduction

Over the past 60 years the development of basic knowledge in biology, and in many ways and medicine to research in the field of DNA. Here is a partial list of the, highlighting the main advance in the study of DNA:

1944 Transformation of bacterium with a DNA (O. Avery, (C). McLeod, and M. McCarty)
1953 to explain the structure of the double helix ((J). Watson, (F). Crick, (M). Wilkins, R. Franklin)
1956. DNA polymerase ((A). Basements Are)
1968 Restriction enzymes (W. Arber)
1969 Reverse transcription of retroviruses (H. Temin, (D). Baltimore)
1976 Determination of DNA sequence ((A). Maxam, W. Gilbert, (F). Sanger Institute)
1986-1988 Polymerase Chain Reaction ((K). Mullis) Taq DNA polymerase (R. K. Saiki)
2001 The first sequence of the human genome
2004-2010 sequence of the high throughput DNA.
A device for capturing and analysis of em. signals On the other hand, accumulated information about the effects of electromagnetic (EM.) fields on living organisms. Data rate em. the field covers various intervals, Depending on the different values of organisms. In the previous document, referring to the recently published results of experiments [1, 2, 3], We were considering a new property of DNA, associated with the influence of extremely low frequency (KNČ) EM. fields. These fields can be influenced by certain procedures in aqueous solutions, they can disseminate information, contained in the DNA of the original organisms, to other.
Picture 1. A device for capturing and analysis of em. signals. (1) Spiral of copper wire, resistance 300 ohms. (2) Closed plastic tube, containing 1 ml solution for analysis. (3) Amplifier. (4) Computer.

Article consists of three parts: new facts, theoretical scheme for their discussion and medical application.