Transfer bioactive information by sound

Sound as the carrier of a biologically active information polarization-laser-wave spectra.
The results of the study show, that the impact of the Tibetan Mantra and the acoustic version of NTI PLR (Polarization-Laser-Radiowave) Spectra of medicinal plants (helichrysum, Gotu-Kola, Ging-Ti, St. John's wort, Ginger, motherwort, milk thistle, etc.) and minerals (B-quartz, Golden citrine, Sunstone, Topaz), has a positive effect on the pulse and electro-punctur Diagnostics. There is increased functional activity of all acupuncture channels, which is the basis for the development of the braking technology of aging in humans.
The human body, Since the level of cellular structures (proteins, DNA, RNA, the cytoskeleton, the chromosome, Ribosomes, mitochondria) to cell-tissue-organ levels, have the ability to self-organization and gomeostazu. This capacity is being implemented at all levels of the organism, Since the quantum and molecular and Biochemistry and physiology until the higher nervous activity. These processes are manageable. One of the main vectors of this Office-quantum biokomp′ûting the chromosome apparatus, implemented as endogenous holographic, radio waves and other functions [2,7,10]. Such views have emerged as a new direction in computing;, When the DNA molecule was used as a parallel to calculate "structures, and it was called "DNA computing" [12]. Using such a "computing" was created by the algorithm for solving the so-called. "the traveling salesman problem», When, for example, It is necessary to sink single-shortest route to visit each of the seven (or more) cities. This task required the entire week, While traditional digital computers would be required several years. It used the basic phenomenon, typical molecules of DNA-the ability of its solitary chains to fast complementary vzaimouznavaniâm. This phenomenon is, that any fragments of each of the two chains of DNA in solution (or in the chromosomes of a living cell) only their own, in a sense mirror, halves and form a normal dual spiral. This phenomenon is a manifestation of the common properties of highly organized biostructures and biopolymers to samosborke. Both in vitro and in vivo to self-assemble Ribosomes, membrane, the chromosome, viruses and phages. Similarly DNA odnonitevye associate at by DNA double. The success and speed of spontaneous DNA halves each other searches, as an act of self-organization (self-Assembly), and provided high speed through billions of options within the "traveling salesman problem». Causes and mechanisms of quick and accurate vzaimouznavanij halves of DNA, as well as vzaimouznavaniâ codon and protein synthesis in the antikodona or vzaimouznavaniâ of Antigen and antibody in the immune processes, enzymes and their substrates, etc.. so far have not been explored. Especially difficult are strategic mechanisms vzaimouznavanij for long distances in the living cell (hundreds and thousands of Angstrom), greater than equal recognition (from one to three Angstrom), typical ion, Van der vaal′sovym and hydrophobic interactions. Moreover, mistakenly thought of as associating complementary single strand DNA as biokomp′ûtinga. The point, the Combinatorics of options the Assembly of DNA fragments and results in "traveling salesman problem», i.e.. actually computing, are people. DNA gives billions of possible solutions, but chooses the right solution people [13]. Real DNA computing in vivo-in vitro occurs differently, namely, using the principles of holography, solitoniki, Quantum non-locality and other patterns [14]. This approach led to the establishment of a pilot model of quantum biokomp′ûtera (KB), who is able to control the physiological and metabolic processes in biological systems using Photonic wave as a sign of the polarized radiation (PCR-spectra) [7,1415].