Reviewed by Vladimir Gritsyhin

Diagnosis: thrombosis in the lower extremities . The doctors promised to gangrene and amputation.
Listening to the individual Matrices with positive results.
After the first day of auditions, According to Va, in the morning he walked to the sink without the pain. During the first week long trophic ulcer , that is not healed up a year or two of treatment. Gone are painful cramps, that happened several times a day. Two weeks later in a. no longer swathe feet. Foot swelling went down, changed the look of the legs, began to appear bright fabrics. VA. started to feel good. After three weeks of auditions, appearance younger age 7-10. Gone iznemožennogo old man mask. Began to darken hair. In the light of. so too are blood clots, now he coughs, normal breathing, No gasps when talking or moving.
Listen to the matrix from the end of June.
VA. actively works, in a good mood, the hair on the back of his head darkened by about 70%. Analyses and images have not yet done. Vladimir Aleksandrovich said , that's so good never felt and conveyed words of great appreciation to Peter Petrovich.
Gricyhin Vladimir Aleksandrovich. 1947 G. R.

23 August 2013