Review number 5656673

Want to share our results, I'll try to keep it short. Listen to the program from March 10, 1-2 times a day, mainly during sleep (day) or at night for hours. Here came with regular rehabilitation. Results: 1.Stal happy to go to any classes – to speech therapy referrals, psychologist, by Pertru (constructor), on music. The psychologist was surprised, in comparison with December 2015.- ” another child “, tries to. 2. He began to speak phrases of 4-5 words, Use synonyms (candle – fire), greatly improved fine motor skills, I don't know his fingers. 3. Become more physically Hardy, not tired during long walks, can long escape, already I can't – He runs. 4. The most important thing – compared with EEG 4.06.15 appeared dynamics – improvement of cortical rhythmics, become more organized by the alpha rhythm. Of course, it matures, but traumatized children such – yourself learn nothing, around them should be taught. I have the impression, that program has become the impetus for self-development, in the last couple of months our menu will surprise us every day. Immensely thankful, Best wishes.

08 September 2016