Review number 4974731

Good afternoon! Write, to say a huge thank you to Peter Petrovich! I listen to the Update of the organism " (program-correction) with records of 1,5 hours, twice a day, morning and evening, for three months. I noticed in your body changes. In the first place has become much calmer (no longer nervous), improved sleep, have courage, less became tired. In the second, I have had allergies.
Noticed this on cats (could not sleep in the same room with them and not taking them on hand-just sneezing began; I now have them on hand to take the, and they sleep in the same room with me, and I'm not even čihaû) My first summer, I held without pills and sprays from allergies. And as I have a normal menstrual cycle, quickly began to grow hair and nails. Feel good. Once again I want to say a huge thanks for your design!!!

07 August 2014