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I want to once again share the experience, the work done and the cases treated with ointments and information ZHKIM Institute Professor Garyaev.
The first was a patient after cardiac surgery. The patient from the provinces, from the village. After the operation did not take off on time seams. I asked after suppuration. Patient for a long time were conservative, unsuccessfully, permanent fistula opening and closing. After that decided to take the operation to remove the wire tsirklazhnoy. On the table was the most difficult thing that happens with repeated operations on the heart, the dissection of the right ventricle in the background mediastenita, osteomyelitis of the sternum. Saved the life of the patient. But Fr. vozobnovolis. Then it was proposed to use the ointment the information from the Institute of Linguistics-Wave Genetics. Ligation is performed once a day for 2 weeks, a week later, we have already received results, all fistulas closed, second week only prophylactically ligation was carried out to ensure the healing of wounds. In total, the patient rot 1 year and 1 month and lived for 1 week using information ointment. One condition is that, we have removed the foreign body which supported the infection is tsirklazhnye wire sternum. Residual infection of soft tissues and bones healed successfully. It took at least half a year since the cure, at the time when I am sharing with you my briefcase treated.
Enclosed photos and videootzyv.

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Next was a patient after prosthetic femoral-popliteal artery on the left. Postoperatively, the patient in the background lymphorrhea occurred periprosthetic infection. In the absence of effectiveness of conservative management leads to eksterpatsii shunt and may lead to amputation of the limb on this background. Prozanimalsya I was with him a total of 1 month of regular two-fold daily dressings. Dressings are very complex, somewhere even seemed futility, but it had enough patience and we got the result from using the information in the ointment Projection periprosthetic infection, shin had a trophic ulcer which I cured using a liquid matrix of quantum information (ZhKIM). After 1 month, the patient recovered, wounds healed. The description text will put videootzyv, so there is no photo available.

Next came a young patient with diabetes after amputation of left leg. After the amputation took place 2 months, stump collapsed, rotten, constant temperature, stinking putrid smell accompanied the patient everywhere. Dressings were extremely difficult and lasted for 3 months daily 2 times a day with ointment information, ZHKIM and as we head from the Department of Vascular Surgery nameshivali Pektinar ointment and information in the most difficult moments, We got a very cool result. No doubt after a complete rejection of all tissues supporting the infection ointment completely heal all wounds. photo supplied.

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04 December 2019