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The reason for the appeal was: for 11 years my feet hurt, more right. In the morning, do not get up on your feet until you disperse. Feeling of prolonged subluxation. Blood circulation of the lower extremities is impaired, vein dilation, Stars. Concomitant diseases: blood clot in the lung was, now I drink liquefactions for life.
Since I live on the other side of the equator, the, at the time, when you made me a program, then there was a very strong relief., namely, 80% of the edema disappeared, and the knee pain disappeared. But I was in the hospital on suspicion of having a blood clot in my right leg.!!!!!!!!
When I started using the matrix, blood circulation began to be restored. Arthritis is gone. The liver stopped hurting. Under the gray hair on the head began to appear black. A lot of energy. These results appeared after three weeks of using the matrices..
Then I connected a modulator to the treatment. After 45 days of work, the legs recovered, forgot about 13 years of torment, a miracle happened. I send photos.

Western Australia, Wellard
18 March 2023