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I want to tell you about the effect of the matrix on Vitya. The Matrix began listening on March 8, because. after illness since January 25 (I had a severe headache for 2-3 days) very thin and pale, pupils have become more dilated, there was a weakness for a long time, pallor, there were bruises and platelets fell (76 thousand. according to Fonio on 21.02.21 – it's almost in a month, during the illness itself did not measure). Therefore, they did not start listening to the matrix immediately., so that in case of exacerbation of thrombocytopenia during initial listening, platelets were slightly higher. Since March 8, I've been listening to the matrix daily, without interruptions, because. I did not see aggravation from her. The only thing – small petechiae appeared in places, but on the 2-3 day already passed. Bruises – in a small amount. Listens mainly during the day, in .wav format 1 time. Then he drinks water during the day, who was standing next to.
In the very first days of listening, I noticed, that there is a slight blush on the cheeks. And at home, not after a walk. Usually on the street the face is pale, even white, blush only from severe frost or heat. Now the blush also appears periodically.. Although the general pallor remains. There were nosebleeds several times. It is very rare for him.. Stopped quickly – gave homeopathic medicine. Once there was an unreasonable desire to cry – and he himself complained and was perplexed, that for some reason I want to cry. Talked, hugged and calmed down. Taking homeopathic medicines is now rare, because. there are fewer symptoms for their appointment too. We only take one thing once a week all the time.. On March 25-26, the head began to hurt again in the afternoon. Got it in one day. Took homeopathic medicines, then I began to listen to the matrix. The headache was bearable. In the morning I stayed a little, but already passed by lunchtime. Have a blood test today. Platelets 156 thousand. by Fonio. This is a great joy for us.! Previous analyzes showed slightly more than 100, and in acute illnesses they usually fall even more. We hand over analyzes, when he recovers a little, so when I am sick I look for bruises, irritability, tearfulness, headache – if there is, means falling.
The general condition is now quite good. I began to lie a little more during the day. Better appetite. Mood swings are less common too – smoother condition. Although school adds stress and fatigue. But I try to give him an extra day off. Moreover, she does not perceive knowledge at school. (in the first half of the 1st grade, 4 teachers were replaced, sobbed for everyone) – therefore, we learn everything at home.. Blood tests – I attach the last two to the letter. thank you very much! We will listen further with the hope of recovery!
By the way, noticed a positive effect on myself – if something hurts me, and Vitya turn on the matrix at this time, then in minutes all the pains disappear and I calmly do chores around the house.

Moskovskaya oblast '
02 April 2021