Review No. 81276731

Hello. In January of this year, I started listening to my matrix for the first time. First conclusions about the results of listening.
1. I began to sleep better. Usually woke up 4-5 times a night.
2. I began to sleep (occasionally) on the left side. I couldn't before. It was a feeling of, I'm pressing on my heart, shortness of breath.
3. Disappeared in my head (as I designated it for myself) a kind of nebula. Clarity appeared. Especially in the morning.
4. More energy appeared, less tired.
5. Improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
6. And the most important thing, – eczema disappears (which was like a crust, like a tortoise shell). She is still there, but stopped itching and annoying. This growing layer of skin, as if it began to change its structure. Thinner and softer.
7. Hair really began to fall out less. But 2/3 hairs are lost.
8. By – apparently improved vision. Eyes become less tired. Especially after working on a computer. I have such little smoky clouds in them. They are small and small. And practically do not interfere. I went to the doctor, she said, what are these senile changes. It's just that these so-called "clouds" became smaller and they began to lose their saturation. ( the light is so gray). Started, as if to melt.
Thank you very much. The quality of life is changing, and it means, I can still work with my cadet boys.

Irkutsk region
05 March 2021