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I sincerely wanted to thank you personally, and your team. Programs work great – the child grows and develops as expected, actively engaged in sports, and creative disciplines. This is emphasized by our endocrinologist., who leads the child from the moment of the onset of the disease (from 3 years), against the background of the development of other children whom she leads.
We have been with you for 2 years (from the age of 12 of the child), and there is a very important point here – at this time, the period of puberty of the child fell out. And according to our doctor, it is during this period of growth and rebuilding of the body in children that deviations arise and manifest themselves. (Physical, Hormonal, and others). Many. But we went through everything smoothly., without any options.
Regularly twice a year we undergo a full examination with all the tests. Everything is fine. (I write and worry, remembering that "happiness loves silence")
Thank you so much for all this.!

25 February 2023