Review № 639366631_3

Hello! This is my third review of the latest technology, which I and my whole family use on everyday basis to improve our health and quality of life. Earlier, I wrote about the results of the use of information ointments, and now I want to tell you all a good fairy tale-true story. I, reaching a ripe old age, '61, as an obstetrician-gynecologist, was looking for possible options for prolonging youth and health, used Tibetan gymnastics, taking dietary supplements, medicines, but the effect was temporary, drugs were not always helpful, i.e. allergic reactions, nausea, dizziness. I had to drop everything and look for something new. Thanks to the Creator, my family, and the team of Professor Garyaev P.P. I found these great methods of healing and rejuvenation.
Since June 2019, it has become possible to undergo treatment in the Garyaev capsule and receive treatment with the Garyaev-Mishin apparatus. The capsule and apparatus were used under the following conditions: as I previously wrote, I suffer from hereditary hypertension, dyscirculatory encephalopathy with a violation in the vertebrobasilar basin, my husband multiple spinal hernia, osteoarthritis of the hip joints, he planned to go for joint replacement surgery. Grandchildren often get colds in winter. We use Garyaev capsule + Garyaev - Mishina modulator in the treatment of: lacunar angina, obstructive bronchitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, nervous system exhaustion syndrome, various depressive states, removal of pain syndrome in case of herniated intervertebral discs (in combination with information creams). During treatment sessions, we turn on special universal programs-information matrices: for the treatment of hypertension, in diseases of the nervous system, ORVI, etc., programs enough. The effect of being in a capsule is simply divine., among themselves we call it "time capsule", time in a capsule - flies by unnoticed; stress, fatigue disappear, mood improves, burst of energy and vigor, and the pain is completely gone, blood pressure normalized, and the rush of endorphins stimulates the desire to live and laugh. Previously, like all hypertensive patients, I received treatment - vasodilator therapy twice a year., and now, when dizziness appears, I immediately start a course of treatment in a capsule. I, as before, want to share the best, what I have: with my loved ones, to improve their life and health. Today, when everything possible is discovered by science, this capsule and Garyaev-Mishin modulator can help many people with many diseases. This is one of the greatest developments of our time, which must be brought to people and used without the slightest doubt.
With great gratitude to the entire staff of the Institute of Linguistics – Wave Genetics.

The Republic of Kazakhstan
06 April 2020