Review № 639366631-2

I'm an obstetrician-gynecologist, 61 years old. My work experience - 39 years. That's my 2-nd Review. It's 9 months since I started to use of information ointments and liquid ZHKIM. Only now I realized, that started to use the ointment without a shred of doubt and full of hope for improvement of any conditions.
I want to share the result of the use of ZHKIM - an information ointment for medicinal and cosmetic purposes . I use the ointment on all parts of the body, I'll start with the head. In spring 2019, I bought the weight loss supplements from some company : drank them, did not get thin, but formed 6 bald spots a quarter size. I did not panic; started to apply the information ointment to the problem areas and massage them; in 1,5-2 months the hair growing back. Took ZHKIM liquid 2-3 times a week, adding 5-10 drops to the water , also added it to my hair dye for gray hair. Now my hair got black almost all over the head. For cosmetic purposes I use ointment as my night face cream. It's too little to say the effect is excellent - it's just magic. After 50, facial skin becomes bloated, with enlarged pores, age spots, warts. With regular daily use, of the above goes away: the skin becomes perfect, like a child :wrinkles getting smooth, swelling goes away , pores shrink ,pigmentation disappear , warts too. Everything what's written, is no exaggeration. I stopped buying branded cosmetic cream, because of their ineffectiveness and uselessness. I know, that Botox should not be used: it hurts, inefficiently, temporary and dangerous to health.
I have dry skin so I use this ointment like a cream.: apply it to the wounds, hands, heel, like all women, and it all makes me delighted with the results, the skin is soft like a baby and the effect is persistent.
Now I want to share (my thoughts) as a doctor and as just a woman , who got personal results using the ointment. This ointment can be used by all patients with diabetes., patients with perineal ulcers , with radiation burns of the bladder, vagina, vulva and rectum after radiotherapy , with diaper rash in patients with diabetes, in women with dryness of the vagina and perineum in menopausal syndrome. Finally, women who have reduced libido due to some problems.
Explain the action of the ointment: when using the ointment, local lymph is enhanced- and because of better circulation, edema decreases, pain decreases, cracks heal, abrasions, festering wounds also heal, libido appears.
I recommend using the ointment to men, and to women for the treatment of festering wounds on all body parts, as well as the urethra, vagina and rectum. The spectrum of treatment of diseases is unlimited. Before use, be sure to test for tolerance, even if it has a hypoallergenic effect..
With love and great gratitude to the whole team of Professor Garyaev P.P..

26 February 2020