Review № 639366631-2

I obstetrician-gynecologist, I am 61 years old. My work experience 39 years. That's my 2 Review. 9mesyatsev passed since the beginning of the primary use of information ointments and liquid ZHKIM. Only now I understand, that started to use the ointment without a shred of doubt and full of hope for improvement in the use under any conditions.
I want to share the result of the use of information and ZHKIM ointment for medicinal and cosmetic procedures. Ointment use on all parts of the body, I'll start with the head. 2019 spring, I bought one of supplements for weight loss : drank, not thin, and formed 6 baldness with 5-kopeck coin. Without panic, I started to smear the head of information ointment problem areas and massage; in 1,5-2 months the hair growing back. Saw ZHKIM liquid, adding water 5-10 drops 2-3 times a week, is added to the hair dye for coloring gray hair. Now my hair black with almost all head. I ointment for cosmetic purposes to smear the face for the night. Effect little to say excellent-it just magic. After 50 years of facial skin becomes bloated, enlarged pores, Age spots appear, warts. With regular daily use of all of the above runs: the skin is perfect, like a child :wrinkles are smoothed, passes swelling , shrinking pores ,pigmentation ischezaet , warts sglazhivayutsya.Vse is written, it is no exaggeration. I stopped buying branded cosmetic cream, because of their ineffectiveness and uselessness. I know, what not to do Botox: it hurts, inefficiently, temporary and dangerous to health.
I have dry skin of the body, and so I take this as an ointment cream: smear wound surface, hands, heel, like all women, and all this leads me to the delight of the results, skin soft as a baby and lasting effect.
Now I want to share as a physician and as a simple woman , which has received personal results while using the ointment. This ointment may use all diabetics, patients with ulcers of the perineum , with radiation burns bladder, vagina, vulva and rectum after radiotherapy , with diaper rash in patients with diabetes, in women with vaginal dryness and perineum during menopause syndrome. Finally, women whose libido is reduced due to any problems.
I explain the action of the ointment: using ointments enhanced local lymph- and circulation, decreases edema, decreases pain heal rifts, abrasions, festering wound, libido appears.
I recommend to use the ointment for both men, and women for the treatment of festering wounds all body parts, as well as the urethra, vagina and rectum. Spectrum treating diseases unlimited. Before use, be sure to conduct a test on tolerance, even if it has a hypoallergenic effect.
With love and gratitude to all the staff of Professor PP Garyaev.

26 February 2020