Review No 5b19a3in913b

The patient- a girl, 3 months and 19 days. Been in the hospital since birth: Cytomegalovirus, muscle spasms, epileptoid-like seizures, high level of liver enzymes. The child had a high fever throughout his hospital stay., bowel movements with blood, Capricious, didn't sleep, almost all, what I ate, regurgitated.
After listening to the program on the first day we watched a calm, deep sleep, almost a day. Then, how I woke up, appetite was good, all day, the child was in a good mood.
On the third day, the girl is very cheerful, the virus comes out in the urine, it is not active, liver enzymes are normal. Discharged home.
Every day the daughter listens to the individual program of Garyaev P.P..
We are happy and grateful for the magnificent, fast result.

15 January 2023