Review No. 56a57b1v5g3b

Good morning, Leonova-Garyaeva Ekaterina, my friend and I came to you for the matrices, I got a matrix from you for myself - I have Bechterew's disease - and for my son. I noticed, that stopped crawling out of bed, and started to get up, I'm already used to living with constant unbearable pain, when the body is tense day and night from severe pain , though it's impossible to get used to it, with such torment, a person thinks about imminent death, to get rid of the pain, I also had to work 12 hours on my feet. listening to the matrix, did not feel relieved at first, began to put water for recharging, and after 3 months I noticed relief, pain began to recede, the knuckles of the fingers on the hand began to open freely in the morning, stopped painfully, slowly, overcoming the pain, through tears, turn sideways for half an hour at night, and crawl out of bed in the morning, because the bones are all fettered and the osteophyte has fettered the spine in the lumbar region, it became flat, got to the neck. Now I'm calmly getting out of bed, and sleep, and roll over, body relaxed from constant spasms, the pain is still there, but they are much smaller, the body is gradually recovering, charged water has a special effect, I felt the effect when I started drinking this water, turning on the matrix for all night. Can an osteophyte dissolve completely, and spine recover, straighten up? I want to tell you, that this is the Grace of God to me and all people through you and Pyotr Petrovich. You prolong the life of people, you are real HEALERS with a gift from God and I don't know, how to thank you. Your help to people is invaluable. I will pray for you for the rest of my life. I first learned about quantum physics about Nikolo Tesla and his work, and then from a book that was the only 2005 edition, and in the monastery, In Petersburg, there the confessor prayed for me. This book was written by a scientist, quantum physicist, Orthodox faith in scientific explanation, he was blessed to write this book by the famous Pechersk elder. One two-word phrase from this book led me to the Internet ,to know the meaning, and this meaning led me to the discovery of Petr Petrovich, that's how I got to know about him and his work, about helping people, about your Global World Discovery, so the Lord enlightens, and the realization comes, but not everyone is aware and therefore cannot be healed, because, who do not receive healing from the Lord, do not realize His Love and Grace. The Lord is not far away, He is in the neighbor, in you, in Petr Petrovich, acting through your mind, hands, and heart .

18 May 2022