Review number 5381473

Already almost 6 months, we listen to a program-matrix (all night and day twice, a total of 13-14chasov day), excellent results!!!! After a month of listening to the child appeared “Vital energy ” ( both said our osteopath “he was infirm”), He became very active, cheerful. Because, he had severe pancreatic insufficiency, weight poorly typed and growth does not correspond to the age of, he began to fall behind in physical development. At the time of obtaining the program from you, he was 1.3 years old, he did not go, and with the advent of “vitality” it is a short period of time walked, and then ran. Unfortunately, weight during this time and it is impossible to gain, weight goes up only with medical high calorie. In the lungs, basically we did not have big problems, but it was quite good (if before I felt his hands under the phlegm in the chest area ,now it ” dry” so to speak). In principle, any they picked up the virus passed easily , virtually no gain cough ( This is happiness!!!). Positive dynamics is in many points , It is not such significant as the lungs or pancreas. For example , disappeared gag reflex to any stimulus ( I could have a lump in the food or does not respond to a severe cough ), weaknesses were chewing reflexes ( food through a blender) , now all aligned. I am very grateful to you and your team for your work , you instill peace of mind and confidence in the future.

Leningrad region
16 March 2020