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Our relative, a 55 years old man, was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer already with metastases in March 2021. It was unexpected for him and us. As a veteran of the Afghan war, he fell ill with jaundice while in the army. He thought that the liver still aches because of that, suffered from pain, but did not go to a doctor. And so missed oncology. In the oncology center of Ufa, the doctors shrugged their hands and said, go on, live your life as you have 1-2 months left. I watched a lot of documentary science films about the scientist Garyaev P.P. And I suggested him this topic on YouTube. Of course, he agreed, the man had nothing to lose. And in March, we very quickly made these sound files of the matrix based on his 18 years old photo. He listened regularly every day. Was coming for examinations at oncology centers. And his tests gradually started to improve.. And most importantly, the doctors did not have any questions why this person went on the mend.( …more precisely, doctors of corrupt medicine). And so the man, as they say, decided to play it safe, and decided to go through chemo. Just in case – to put a fly in a barrel of honey. And over the course of many months, he underwent 8 sessions of chemotherapy. And now he's suffering from the side effects of the chemo., eats very little, emaciated. Plus, he resumed his smoking. But the man is alive. And another friend of mine, a man of 70 from another region of Bashkiria fully restored his health after 2 severe heart attacks with the same sound matrices plus Mishin coils – Garyaev matrix modulator. I am happy that in our country there are still some such brave scientists and his followers, despite the pressure from the parasitic consumer system. Keep serving your people. Good luck and all the best to you.

Republic of Bashkortostan
18 January 2022