Review No. 4a9b4g2b

Big Dog Gray. Thoracic spondylosis and hip dysplasia. There was a restriction on movement, Limped, moaned and grunted. In all likelihood,, The disease was from birth, but, especially began to manifest itself, When the dog grew and gained weight. A matrix was ordered from a photograph of a puppy of another dog of the same breed, Cane Corso (Now this dog is an adult, Incredibly healthy and agile). Gray has been listening to the Matrix for about three months. In addition to direct listening, He turned on the matrix and through a laser pointer. Results so far: The dog has become much more powerful, moves a lot, Runs. Became more alive, Pain in the hip joints almost disappeared, moans and sounds, which Gray issued in connection with the pain, also practically disappeared (There are still, but very rarely). Spondylosis of the thoracic spine is still making itself felt, But the work continues… Working with matrices requires perseverance and discipline.
Gray with the hostess

12 July 2023