Review No. 479161

If you will, I will share the changes I noted after a month of listening to the individual Matrix. The most important, think, this trust, trust in the unique works of Man, passionate, literate, respecting the whole World and the Creations of the Father, who practically devoted his life to, so that the People, Chelo-Veki, finally relieved from the grip of disease, internal Communication with oneself and society. Since my school years, I have suffered from spinal injury and constant pain throughout my long life., despite a healthy and active World Acceptance… Now the pains are subsiding, during the day I practically do not feel any discomfort and I even forget to wear my back support belts.. Reduced hair loss, I also note confidence in solving any difficult situations, activity increased and fatigue decreased markedly, needs to create appear, new ideas and inspiration. I will continue to observe this miracle and actively live joyfully!

29 January 2021