Review No. 46236731

I decided to experiment a little with the program. I went to food abstinence for 30 days, simply put, in cleansing the body with water alone. I have had experience of abstinence and for 60 days. The state was the rise of tremendous energy. This time I also thought to leave for 60 days, but the grandson had to cook, and breathe food vapor – this is no longer entirely endogenous nutrition. Then there are, during therapeutic fasting, internal nutrition opens. The body eats everything unnecessary inside itself: dead cells, excess fat, all kinds of parasites and intensively it all removes. I did not listen to the program during the fast, so that the body actively turns on its internal reserves. July 25 I got out of hunger and started listening to the program. The sensations were different compared to previous times of getting out of hunger. Nutrition, of course, mostly, raw food – fruits, vegetables, as well as stewed vegetables. Then I gradually connected seafood and fish. Now : sometimes eggs and sour milk, pickled vegetables.
Salt completely excluded from the diet. Even d. m. n. Yuri Sergeevich Nikolaev writes. He is the founder of the method of unloading – diet therapy (RDT).
What distinguishes previous exits from therapeutic fasting from today's exit with listening to programs?
1. The feeling of gaining energy did not stop with exogenous nutrition ( external power supply).
2. Earlier, during the exit from the RDT, weight gain began. Now the weight and volume are stably kept at the level during the exit from the RDT.
3. I clearly began to see pictures of early childhood.
4. Easily switched to fractional meals : more often and less – feeding small children.
5. The question of gray hair, new teeth and problems of the hip joints have not yet been resolved.
BUT, hopefully, that we will gradually solve these problems!

22 July 2020