Review No. 412694

I have been listening to the matrix for 3 months. – a lot of energy, which makes me very happy. On October 27, the bile was excised, recovered after 2 weeks. There has never been a migraine in these 3 months, just a common headache, true 1-2 times a week ,but was shot with a simple pill. I'm getting slimmer as I wanted, just the skin began to sag, but, I think, this is part of the process. Aggression, fears, much less anxiety. Heart palpitations during these 3 months were only once 1-2 minutes and not much. Vision has improved markedly. And this is all in just 3 months. These are my observations. I thank you and your team and I hope you will not let them destroy and take away from you everyone and everything that P.P. Gariaev did..

United Kingdom, Oxford
06 December 2020