Review number 41123673

Dear Petr Petrovich, thank you so much for your hard work, for your wave genetics. It saved my son. My son Dmitry- master of sports in canoeing. World Cup 2017 winner among juniors., member of the junior national team of Russia 2017. After grueling workouts in the team, his physical condition failed. For a year he was using the body reserves, until they were spent off. He had to leave the sport for health reasons.. Over the next year, we tried in every possible way to restore his strength and the desire to move on in life.. We visited the different kinds of specialists, but there was no result. Dmitry was constantly tired, didn't want to do anything, nothing interested him. Complete apathy and no life force.
Thanks to Mantsev Andrey Yuryevich , your center specialist , who works with athletes, my son came into shape within a month, both physically, and psychologically. I got strength , desire to live and move through life. And, it is very important, – no antidepressants, no drugs at all. Many thanks, Andrew Y., you for your professional work and you, Petr Petrovich, for your supermethod. This is genius!!! And very sorry, that the national teams do not know about it. How many athletes can be saved from overtraining, and preserve their health for later life.

12 December 2019