Review No. 3b1a5b1631a

Dear Ekaterina Alexandrovna, thank you and the entire BIOQUANT team for helping people like me and, for the continuation of the case of Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev, I bow low to you for this.
I really wanted to write this review, to express love and gratitude to the cause of P.P. Garyaev and the entire BIOQUANT team with you, Leonova-Garyaeva Ekaterina , Led.
Here is a brief history of how I was helped by contacting BIOQUANT and 10 visits to Piramila + 10 visits to capsules and magic creams KIK.
After a serious accident in June 2021, when I was hit by an SUV at an intersection, And I fell off my bike, At that moment, I didn't feel how serious the consequences were;. Obviously, It was under the influence of shock. Exactly one year later, at the end of June 2022, in the morning, I couldn't get out of bed. The pain was sharp in the neck, upper thoracic spine, Head.
I was 69 years old, When, when I first learned about the existence of BIOQUANT.
By taking the strongest painkillers, I started calling everyone, Who could advise a specialist and search online at the same time, suddenly, as if from heaven, information about Pyotr Petrovich Garyaev and his work fell. I've read it all, What I was able to find at that time, I didn't know, that he is no longer alive ... But then, Reassured, I continued my search and came to information about the institution in the center of the capital, who mentioned the name of P.P.. Garyaev, But that wasn't the case, What I was looking for.
As my late mother used to say: ” Who is looking for, He will find “, I continued the search and the result was my call to BIOQUANT. I arrived in Moscow in early July, where she met Olga Feodorovna, She helped me deal with all the problems, which were identified by her with the help of a special program on her computer. Main problems- vertebrogenic cervicalgia, dorsopathy. And my healing began from that very day.
After all procedures, I felt so good and easy, It's like I've never had any accidents; main,- The pain disappeared, I stopped taking painkillers after the first 2 treatments. I asked them to make an Individual Matrix for me, I bought Mishin's coils and several jars of KIK cream with a margin, since I had to be far from Moscow and flew out of Moscow on August 28, 2022., Healthy, happy that, nothing hurts anywhere!
But the story didn't end there…exactly 3 days later, 31 August 2022, I drove home late at night , It was dark, and, Not noticing a notch on the road, I fell off the bike to the left side, injuring the face, Hand, shoulder, Ribs, Leg …I was wearing a helmet, which obviously helped not to damage the head and neck.
This time I was lucky, A car appeared on the road, from which a policeman came out, helped me get to the hospital, where I had 8 X-rays, on which a fracture of the upper part of the left arm closer to the shoulder joint and a fracture of the shoulder were detected. I was offered surgery. I refused. I am 70 years old! And the process of the operation and the way out of this postoperative situation for me personally did not seem easy.
I started using my Individual Matrix, creams KIK-3 and KIK-4, which I alternated. After 7 weeks, I felt better. Then I began to do physiotherapy at the same time (Special exercises), and, at the end of November, The arm began to function, My shoulder was still aching, but not so spicy. Breathing was restored, As the bruises from the ribs are gone. And, When I was ready for a long flight, I went to BIOQUANT again, where I was given additional help, especially helped by the Pyramid of P.P. Garyaev. Thank God and P.P. Gariaev for his invaluable research, study and creation of linguistic-wave therapy, which really works and helps. It HELPED me!!!
I really want to express my special gratitude to the entire BIOQUANT team for their professionalism, friendliness, desire to help and invaluable help.

17 April 2023