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I begin my review with words of gratitude to the Creator of the Universe for the saved
life and for that, that I met you in 2013. There was an opportunity in person
communicate with Pyotr Petrovich. Despite academic degrees and world
fame, It was modest, A tactful person, In many ways, it helped to correct
my arrogant point of view on a professional level. Express
thanks personally to Leonid Leonidovich Voloshin and Ekaterina Garyaeva
Alexandrovna! You've fought with me for so many years! I'm alive! And not only
saved me, For almost 10 years of our communication, I feel like a member of your team
And it's very nice.
The funniest diagnosis in my body is advanced cancer, Clinical
Form 2 degree. This is the official diagnosis, was delivered in 2016, When I
was 40 years old, Filmed in 2020, And to this day, my life is preserved. She was treated with sound
matrices and homeopathy. Now she herself is able to help others with a word, and
alternative medical activities. Special thanks for this, So
I think, There is no better meaning of life on Earth, How to help people in harmony with
the, what the Creator intended for them. I am engaged in homeopathy and individual
selection of the most effective methods of treatment, including sound matrices.
I want to share interesting observations, that have appeared over the years.
1. Patient A suffered from obsessive suicidal thoughts from childhood until the age of 52.
After two weeks of listening to the sound matrix (Every day, several
seconds) These thoughts are gone and do not come for six months. There is confidence, that
This matrix will be effective in the treatment of various obsessions,
Dependency. But there has never been such experience in practice.
2. Patient B had been suffering from gallstones for several years. Through
A month of listening to the matrix ( Every day for 10 days for a few seconds
fragments of the matrix individually selected, then 20 days – Full
Listening to the entire matrix file 1 time per day) After that, there was a break for a month and
Immediately after the break, an ultrasound examination was performed. Stones in
gallbladder was not found. From this we can conclude:, What's like
It happened with those stones, that cannot be detected with
Ultrasound in the intrahepatic ducts, kidneys, etc.. d. and, then, ascertain care
trouble. This is the difficulty of reliably tracking the results of treatment.
I think, that the same fate is with any stones, hard or soft;, independently
From localization. It is only a matter of time and the correctness of the dose.
3. Patient B, 13 years. Diagnosis of pituitary hypoplasia, pituitary obesity. IN
Within 2 months, sound treatment plus homeopathy. Complete Diagnosis Care.
4 Patient G. The most complex perioral dermatitis on the background of congenital
immunodeficiency. Complete care of the manifestation of the symptoms of the disease with the help of only
ZHKIM in homeopathic form is sublingual. It is treated on a case-by-case basis.
There is no stable result.
In the treatment of all patients ( especially those, Whose diagnosis is cancer) There is a problem
availability of the lesion for influencing the problem. That is, before, than
Any therapeutic effect will achieve the goal, It encounters many obstacles
in the form of adhesions, scars and obstructions on the physical, information and energy
Levels. Often in seriously ill patients, a lot of time passes (Months, even years),
To "get close" to this hearth. Sound matrices solve these problems
fully, though not instantaneously. My colleague and I tried independently of each other
test the degrees of various "blockages"" in different patients before exposure to sound

and after exposure to sound, and were amazed! This problem is solved completely and
Absolutely everyone. This is understandable, After all, the speed of sound propagation in solids
The environment is much higher, than in another environment. In practice, this sound not only penetrates,
Where you need to, but also heals! We couldn't believe our eyes, After all, now you can
Turn on the sound in the headphones for a few minutes, and not "bang your forehead against the wall" for months.
In addition to access to the pathological focus and effective impact on it, eat
Another unique effect of sound matrices. They help to detect and treat
Hidden foci, the depth of which, for example, at the chromosome level. After all, pathology
It is formed in layers and also cleaned in layers. In this way, treatment
sound matrices, greatly reduces the duration of treatment of the disease, Allows
identify hidden foci, prevent the formation of new foci and facilitates
The healing process. Patients diagnosed with cancer on the background of sound matrices leave
no pain or minor pain.
Treatment of patients with the help of housing and communal services in native form gives an excellent effect
rejuvenation. But, When I looked at the photo treatment of trophic ulcers, I was visited by
the idea of making a homeopathic remedy from ZHKIM and applying it sublingually. It's
allowed to obtain unique results in the treatment of peptic ulcer disease of all
departments of the gastrointestinal tract, dermatoses, IHD. In coronary artery disease, it is indispensable
preparation. Honestly, I don't know the patient, who does not have at least minor
ulceration of internal organs, therefore, a homeopathic remedy from ZHKIM
It works perfectly and very delicately for everyone. It is homeopathic, Never once
It turned out to meet him, To whom this drug would be suitable inside in its native form.
Perhaps, that there is still little experience.
Resin cream works great as nutrition and rejuvenation, has been applied
patient at 65 years of age, As a result, she looks much younger than her peers.
There is also a visible lifting effect in a patient aged 76 years for only
of the month, There was a sparkle in the eyes and improved memory.
I would like to mention , when listening to audio through headphones, Exposure increases
When listening to the sound matrix in headphones at the same time and using
modulator of the Garyaev matrix with Mishin coils for the recommended patient
area, The effect increases exponentially. And therapeutic, and
In the treatment of diseases in an acute state, the sound power is 30-50% of
100%. In the treatment of chronic diseases- 8-20% of 100%.
From the point of view of the experience gained, I can confidently say, it is very important
Determine individually ,what exactly is the time interval throughout
The frequency spectrum of a particular sound matrix is suitable for this person. IN
In this case, you can try to "shoe a flea", and not "shoot a cannon at
Sparrows" Prolonged and loud exposure does not mean effective. Much,
of course, Not studied, But that's why we work, To optimize the treatment
I wish good health to everyone who reads my letter, wisdom and love.

11 July 2023