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I wanted to thank you for the matrix. I've been listening to it intermittently since last July.. It's very much to me., very helpful. Helped as anything else never helped. I began to fall asleep in half an hour., and not in 2-3 hours as usual, I gained strength. And my energy has grown very much.. I used to be very vulnerable., Sensitive, and now I have more inner strength of some sort.. And I don't react as strongly as I used to. (I used to just shake with stress and negative emotions., but now there is no). Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You really changed my life and it's just a miracle. I've always had a kind of dried up., old and very dry facial skin, although I am not elderly at all. I have great skin right now., with blush and smooth, not old as before. And I've never had a brown tan before.. The skin was either white., or red. And now I can sunbathe.. There were also plugs on the tonsils in the throat.… I was very surprised and happy, that they are no longer there.. And yet, my chronic pancreatic pain has miraculously passed and I don't feel pain as soon as I eat something from my stop leaf.. I've been on a very strict diet all the time since I was 23 years old.…And now I'm happy that I can eat chocolate or chips on an empty stomach and then nothing hurts.. And I also lost my gray hair.. and I think, matrices helped me get rid of hepatitis, which most likely I had, because. the condition of the skin is highly dependent on the liver, and my liver is gradually restored thanks to your matrices…

28 January 2023