Review No. 28991961_51993

Everything has improved a lot. The daughter's body recovers well after starting to listen to the matrix.. Earlier Christina didn't answer, didn't understand anything, she has constant headaches, huge hyperactivity, she couldn't become, no matter how physically active she is, she didn't feel tired, no need for sleep, she did not sleep and cried with headaches for 24 hours, ran in circles every day, no medication helped her fall asleep, and the pain was constant. She did not sleep for three days and three nights, and then the dream lasted only 2 hours. She was not aware of her body at all, she could not hold the body, rocked constantly, she could not navigate.
She began to understand everything, fulfill requests and fulfill all, what they say to her, but there was still no complete independence and she still needed help, lacked full concentration of attention, but already understood, how to keep your posture, could go down the stairs on her own, while holding onto the railing. Hyperactivity has decreased, but still lacked patience, sometimes there were breakdowns. The headaches are gone, sleep is mostly orderly, although sometimes I still confused day and night.
Three months ago, we received a secondary, correction matrix of my daughter Christina Dasic from Podgorica. Excitement about the Matrix effect is growing day by day, she uses the matrix without interruption and the effect of her daughter's recovery comes to the fore more and more every day.: progress is visible in all segments, her concentration is much greater, she is more patient in performing certain assigned actions. She has already begun to understand the functions of various home appliances., understands how all devices turn on and off. Knows how to independently turn on and off the TV using the remote control. We came on vacation to grandparents, they are delighted with progress and say, what they saw exceeded all their expectations. She is now completely obedient, calm. She adores her grandmother, tells her, that he loves her. Before, my daughter didn't react to people at all. Does not allow her to work hard and hardly separates from her. Christina started using items only for, what are they needed for. Before that, she only gnawed them.
Until now, Christina has never been able to show will and interest, regarding school, kindergarten or something else, she was in very bad mental shape. We attended speech therapy procedures, used a variety of treatments, but there was never any cooperation. Everyone was just trying, with great desire and perseverance. Now Christina goes to school twice a week., says, that he loves friends, teachers and school and happily does everything in accordance with their abilities. Its functioning is improving, as well as mutual understanding with teachers and other children. She finally has an interest in learning, goes to school with will and interest. And the teacher says, that she is getting better and better every day., she puts her head on my shoulder and seems to be sleeping, listens in a state ” meditations” .Her behavior is much better and nicer (all, what does he do, makes it better and more mature).
In addition, she speaks more words, but she does not yet have a complete bundle of speech, she speaks in the sense “I eat”, “come on”, “I want to”, but every day new words appear in her vocabulary.
The Correction Matrix is ​​really strong and effective.
As Christina and I are listening to the matrix (the matrix is ​​done
in my photo), I notice, that I feel much better. My vision was restored, no more myopia, concentration improved. Sometimes I get the feeling, as if the brain began to coordinate vision differently, it's just incredible!
Many thanks to your representative in Serbia Mirjana Jovanovic from Belgrade and Dr. Elena from the center “Molecule” from Zagreb, who are very professional and nice people, who are constantly in contact with me. They show great respect for the works of the scientist Peter Gariaev, continue business, which Peter Gariaev began. They are great professionals and great specialists.. Thank you all! Thanks to scientist Peter Gariaev, that he saved my daughter's life!

02 October 2020