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I'm a heart surgeon from Kazakhstan, Ust-Kamenogorsk city. I would like to share their experiences on the use of information and ointments to thank the team of Professor Eva for the technologies and opportunities that they gave to the world!
I want to express special thanks from me and my parents!!! Do not put into words how happy I am, that my parents would be restored in the eyes. They retired and abruptly began to grow old before our eyes, for me it was a shock. I did not want to admit it ... I was searching for ways to rejuvenate and believed in it! Starting to use Garyaev team PP technology, I first began to rebuild their parents, his family and the people around me. The result of the efficiency, I got 95%, since 100% performance is fantastic, I will be more picky about their results, and they are exactly as. My parents are bad move it was unbearably painful, everyone has their own reasons, but problems in the joints, i.e.. musculoskeletal system. We all use complex, program: Universal, customized; All information ointment, machine-Garyaev Mishina, Capsule Garyaev Parents ... I immediately explained, that during the entire life of the organism occurred wear and need time to recover. We are committed to the time and the result. But the results were not long to wait. During the first weeks, and with firm conviction in the first month, we saw positive results on all fronts. My mom miksovogo ointments (information) He treated his ankle and knee injury, and bio-matrix restores skin (facial skin is so recovered, Now that my mother admires a!). The Pope also emphasized the apparatus Garyaev-Mishina, because it was the result of pain relief on the first try (Dad I do not believe in anything, so he was pleasantly surprised!). He regularly used the machine-Garyaev Mishina, as a family we, my kids, Mama we all more or less cured in a difficult moment apparatus Garyaev- Mishina. Parents do not particularly want to travel, because physically it was difficult to travel in the recently, and they began to recover in the visited 3 regions of Kazakhstan for 1 month diametrically, and in the intervals themselves doing home repairs and painting preventing concrete wall, since I always someone treat:))). The main thing in the first place, I will not say that 100%, but decent enough restored them, and I can about them now so do not worry, as before. Pope joint replacement needed, now we do not raise this issue. I can talk for hours all the results: As we heal hygroma on the hand ointments, How to cure cervical erosion 3cm, how to treat trophic ulcer the size of full-shin, that is, the entire front and back surface of this trophic ulcer and positive dynamics of the eye. I will cover more about the effect of ointments. I'm a heart surgeon, addition of net transactions, I've seen enough pus and deep wounds that we heal as best they could. Recently cured a patient with ointment, which tied 1 year, he certainly contributed to it to get it received (while not removed stitches, I went 1 month, they fester), but the question had to be solved festering and conservative ligation yielded no results, Twice he was taken to surgery, once during surgery almost died, We saved his whole world. Survived, discharged, I returned to the dressing with suppuration postoperative suture. And then I decided to apply ointment miksovogo, we used it about 10 days, received result of wound healing, brought up to 14 days and I let him go with healed wounds. There were also other patients, which I helped ointment using information from the Institute of Linguistics-wave genetics. After I received the results of rotting wounds healing, I began to be used prophylactically, that is,, if I see diabetes or obesity, which is a risk group in wound healing, and any signs of poor wound healing, I immediately begin to apply compresses with ointment seam. In the long term, patients then say that their scars are very neat obtained, that we are very pleased with both surgeons. I dare say a pattern, repeated several times: I use the ointment, it seemed that not getting results, I do smoke break dressings with ointment, and in different cases with different periodicity noticed straight steeply reaching a positive trend, i.e.. in ointments have aftereffect, when they are already being treated with the information which is transmitted to the body while they were on the body or in the wound. I'll tell you one case- collaborated with my friends, colleagues vascular surgeons. Patient age operation aorto-femoral-popliteal prosthesis was performed, I do surgery on the trophic ulcer on the foot, We are hoping to be lucky (it was necessary to save the leg), that lymph rises infection, but no, bad luck. First there was a long lymphorrhea, then periprosthetic abscess, that is an indication for hysterectomy (delete) Shunt (prosthesis), this would result in a consequence to the amputation of the left lower limb disability and patient. I asked the head of vascular surgery to delay the operation and give me time to work with him (poperevyazyvat it). The start was good, We started getting results, decreased leg pain, which led to the patient began to actively move. The pus was gone for a month, left serous discharge, decreased wound cavity. But that's not the problem, suddenly appeared out of nowhere pus, creek ... .Vskrylas another purulent cavities, a very decent size given by the number of discharge pus. We continued to bandage with ointment, We did not get the result. It was decided to release the patient's home for a couple days and then perform the surgery in a volume of extirpation shunt. Over the weekend, the patient is at home he just changed his bandages and brilliant green smeared wound opening. Having a couple of days we did not get a drop of pus. Poperevyazyvali patient a few more days to mix the ointment and changed to Zelenka. I asked the head of the surgery sosudistnoy: "It helped?», response: "It helped!». These results are many, appears the number of patients recovered more and more. One problem, unbelievers and the doctors themselves. We got a very great results in orthopedics, ENT department, but unfortunately the individual results. The problem is, that if I do not need, you do not need and they (other doctors or patients). And I'm alone all the help I can not, my patients happy! I want to share their experiences and tell others, giving everyone a chance to get better! Home Your task, apply during, because there is a point of no return in the treatment of, when it is not our technology, and the organism is not able to regenerate (recover). Since doctors, and the team of Professor Garyaev PP technology. aimed at creating favorable conditions for rehabilitation, important to have the strength to recover!

P.S. I dare you to divert more, telling of an interesting case of using ointments miksovogo. The patient in '74, very active even grandfather, and the man. Operation coronary artery bypass surgery has restored his heart, but given the age and diabetes much of his shattered. I even he has developed a new generation of corset, which allowed him to do without the re-operation after sternal nonunion (rather fracture), to alleviate his condition. During 9 months after the operation periodically came from atheromas in projection postoperative scar, and still the sternum and not fused to the end, periodically crunched. When I got the news, ointment, I offered him to try to apply it. Within 2 weeks of use, he came very pleased. All healed atheroma, and fused sternum, we felt it through the skin, She fused irregularly due to its fracture, but he was so relieved, because it was able to move again as if nothing unprecedented, without pain and discomfort. He beekeeper was able to engage himself, without any help their bees. And the most interesting, calls me and says, joyful, I went to the Crimea to his sisters, 5000 km by car 74 years, like a boy, roundtrip. 3-4 last month after his cure, He now comes to me just to say hello and bring your delicious honey!!!
29 July 2019