Review No. 21a937b3a

ZHKM-Divine Creation of Mankind. My name is Daniel, I am 35 years old.
Clinical diagnosis: Chronic ulcer of the bulb of the 12th duodenum with perforation and diffuse purulent peritonitis.
27.06.29. I was urgently admitted to the hospital with acute abdominal pain, Spasms. 28.06.2021 g. for emergency indications, I was operated on with an ulcer of the bulb of the 12th duodenum with perforation and purulent peritonitis. After the surgery, thanks to my friends and wonderful people from BIOKWANT, I started ingestion of 20 ml of ZhKIM. It was at .06.29. 2021. in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening, following the recommendations. Right after the first reception I felt an improvement in my condition.. I got strength , my mood improved. I was constantly having abdominal spasms. After the first intake of ZHKM, spasms became less intense. I was waiting, for the lunch time ,to drink the second portion. Time dragged on, and I waited. Finally, it's time for the second intake of LCD.. Again, my condition improved, the spasms became milder. I wanted to get up and walk.. According to the recommendation, that were given to me, I started to treat the operational stitches . I started with a syringe to treat the surgery sites., applying the ZhKIM liquid through the bandages. After 10 minutes , I felt, as my stitches begin to itch pleasantly and the abdomen spasms decrease. That way I treated the stitches and drank the ZhIKM before going to bed.. The next day I woke up with the feeling of a healthy person.. But as I got out of bed, I realized that the spasms and abdominal pain still there, but they were much calmer. . I noticed, that I got out of bed easily and took the FIRST THING I did was to take the ZhIKM. Time after time, ZhKIM gave me health, Forces, interest in healing. So, with my diagnosis, I was discharged in a week, although other people stay in hospitals longer. 05.05.2021. I'm home and continuing treatment with ZHKIM, Garyaev modulator and matrices.
I express my deep gratitude to the creators and all participants of the Divine Elixir of ZHKIM!!!

Daniel, 35 years old
07 February 2022