Review No. 219a14b63a1v3b1a5g

I have been using the Matrix Modulator and Individual Matrix for more than a year. Every day I listen 1-2 times, never regretted, purchasing them. All the described symptoms have gone. I'm writing a letter, looking at my hands. Almost no visible veins, until I mentally said it and intended to write: ” Veins are not visible”. Didn't finish the sentence, as veins appeared again, however twice less, than before. Nerves and words are connected.
Practically I became a healthy person. During the day I make sure to listen to the Matrix through the Modulator 1 time. In the evening, after listening, the fatigue goes away and is jaunty again.. If there's something wrong with my head, max. 1 hour and again everything is fine. After a long - 3 hours - walk , I'm get tired sometimes. I'd rest for an hour with the Matrix, and jovial again.
A month ago, I kind of jinxed myself. Just had to think, I feel good, nothing bothers me, how the itching of the lower legs in the front resumed.
In conclusion, ultrasound of the kidneys dated 12/19/19. Written: right kidney, size 11,0* 4.3 cm, smooth contours, are typically located, echogenicity within the normal range. Parenchyma thickness 1,4 cm. The cups are not expanded. The pelvis is not expanded. No concretions detected. Other pathological formations: in the lower pole in the parenchyma is located a site of increased echogenicity with dimensions of 0,3*0,3 cm – fibrosis site? angiomyolipoma? Internally, I don't feel anything negative. Perpendicular to the right eyebrow sometimes in the middle, another time closer to the nose I see a ruga , wrinkle, which is more visible after applying the coils. Edema under the left eye does not go away, under the right eye, almost invisible. These are the external manifestations. I put coils on the back in the kidney area, and in front of the urethra.
I began to notice about the kidneys only when the symptoms , due to which I bought MM + M, disappeared .
I am very pleased, that I learned about you and bought a Modulator with Ind. Matrix.
Thank you very much.

19 December 2021